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You can see different layouts and pricing by clicking on exhibiting (main menu) and click on suite layouts and pricing.  for availability on certain suites, e-mail Isabella Marquez at imarquez@eventstm.com

dates for independents is May 17-19, 2023.  if you are removing beds (or any other furniture) you need to check-in may 15.  if not, you can check in on may 16th.  check-in time is 3:00 PM, check-out time is noon.

if you are planning to hold meetings on the day of your check out, passed noon, you will need to rent it another full day.  the hotel is fully committed may 24-27th of may, late check outs are not possible.

Outside Your Exhibiting Suite: you are not able to place any banners or posters outside your suite, in the hallways.  security will remove any items outside your suite as it is a fire hazard. 

We recommend ordering the graphic door sign with your suite number.  you can download the order form via forms & downloads.

Inside your exhibiting suite:  you are not able to tape anything to the walls, frames and/or furniture. 

We have some graphic options that you can order from our authorized vendor.  You can find these options via the forms & downloads section.

exhibitors are only allowed to hold meetings in their exhibiting suites/space not in the lobby, lounge, or restaurant.  

from the fairmont:

hotel has a few different TV models in our guest rooms, but the main model is LG 65” – 65UT770H0UB

All TVs are a  “hospitality” specific model that works with the Sonifi Hotel Entertainment System.


Each room has an HDMI port at the TV available for content guests that may want to display from laptop PCs or game stations.

This cable is behind the TV hanging down just to the left of the center.  It is hanging just out of site, but you can feel it behind the TV. You will need an HDMI cable to connect to this port.

Staycasting is also available where guest can use Chromecast compatible apps on phones, tablets, & PCs to cast content to guest room TVs.  Casting requires mobile devices and PCs be joined to the “Fairmont” wifi signal in the guest rooms.  

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube is currently disabled due to a vulnerability

There is no USB access but attaching an HDMI cable to the port is simple as it located right behind the TV.

if you require additional audio visual, you can download the encore order form in forms & downloads under exhibiting.

if you are not sleeping in the bedroom of the exhibiting suite and are holding meetings in the bedroom:  bed removal is $375.00.  no other furniture is allowed to be removed.  furniture catalog and order form available under the forms & downloads section under exhibiting. 

new this year:  if excessive marketing material, garbage is left behind in your exhibiting suite(s), the hotel will charge a fee of $250.00.  

You can find the shipping label under exhibiting/downloads and forms. Please do not address any boxes to Isabella Marquez or Lissette San Martin.  you must include your suite number & company name.  

hotel will begin accepting boxes 3 days prior to your delivery date.  for example:  if your arrival is for the 17th, your boxes can begin to arrive on saturday the 14th.

drayage charges below (will be charged to exhibiting suite, please make sure there is a credit card on file for incidentals or your boxes will not be delivered to your suite):

shipping from the hotel:

there is no business center in the hotel. you will need to print your labels and place them on the package ready to go,  hotel team can take boxes to their loading dock where they have FedEx and UPS pickups daily.

hotel drayage charges:

 Letter $5.00 

 Packages up to 5 lbs $7.50 

 Packages between 6 – 20 lbs $10.00 

 Packages between 21 – 50 lbs $15.00 

 Packages 51 lbs and over $50.00 

 Skids/Pallets $150.00 

*The fees are subject to change without notice. 

*Plus applicable sales tax 

all room nights + tax will be charged upon receiving of your exhibiting form.  these charges are non-refundable.

the fairmont does not work with credit card authorization forms.  if you would like to pre-pay your sleeping rooms, add credit card on file for your exhibiting space, please email the hotel so they can send you a link.  The hotel no longer work with forms.

contact: Royal Service at cpz.reservations@fairmont.com or call 310.424.3030

Suites are not equipped with kitchens or refrigerators.  If you would like to order a refrigerator, please contact the hotel directly: Jordanna jordanna.mcquade@fairmont.com

parking:  Daily Rate is $20.00.  That is an all-day rate. if you are here all day for meetings, hotel will still honor that rate if you mention to the valet that you are here for LA Screenings.

overnight parking: $65.00

Catering Menu & Forms now available via Forms & Downloads section. Please note even if you are not ordering anything, fill out the form to advise when you would like housekeeping done in your exhibiting suites. Keep in mind your meetings, if you do not wish to be disturbed we recommend a time after your last meeting.

if you would like to order anything to your suite, please email the contact above beforehand (ie, easels, door stoppers, etc).

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